XMLCoder Documentation

Enumeration XMLEncoder.​Date​Encoding​Strategy

public enum DateEncodingStrategy  

The strategy to use for encoding Date values.

Member Of


XMLEncoder facilitates the encoding of Encodable values into XML.

Enumeration Cases


case deferredToDate

Defer to Date for choosing an encoding. This is the default strategy.


case secondsSince1970

Encode the Date as a UNIX timestamp (as a XML number).


case millisecondsSince1970

Encode the Date as UNIX millisecond timestamp (as a XML number).


@available(macOS 10.12, iOS 10.0, watchOS 3.0, tvOS 10.0, *)
        case iso8601

Encode the Date as an ISO-8601-formatted string (in RFC 3339 format).


case formatted(DateFormatter) 

Encode the Date as a string formatted by the given formatter.


case custom((Date, Encoder) throws -> ()) 

Encode the Date as a custom value encoded by the given closure.

If the closure fails to encode a value into the given encoder, the encoder will encode an empty automatic container in its place.